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What Is Click And Learn?

The Click and Learn system is a series of curriculum products that use 6 of the Multiple Intelligences to help students learn quickly. The magic of Triple Coding ensures that students with different learning styles can all be successful with the software. It looks and feels like a game, but it is really a research based learning tool.

Click and Learn software gives each district their own customized web site. One singleUser ID/Password gives you access to our entire system of 1,700 sample test questions and over 2,000 online educational games.

Included in our list of testimonials, are letters from teachers, Geography Bee coaches, and superintendents.

A recent doctoral dissertation showed that students can learn names and locations of all 50 states in about 2 and 1/2 hours. We filmed students in Knoxville as they learned names and locations of all 50 states in 90 minutes.

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We have a help center with online videos. The videos will walk you through the entire Click and Learn system in detail.

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