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This page will generate a price quote and a sample purchase order for you. You can fax this purchase order to 918.473.0393. We will also be glad to assist you by phone.

Enter the number of schools for which you want to purchase Click and Learn. Our pricing is based on school size. Note that each school is defined as having one or more principals, such as Washington Elementary, Springfield Middle School, or Lakeview High.
0-150 students:$1995/school
151-300 students:$2995/school
301-400 students:$3495/school
401+ students:$3995/school

Select the number of years you want to subscribe. We have a special discount for all schools using ARRA educational funds to purchase Click and Learn. We are offering 5 years for the price of a 4-year subscription.
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We offer technical support and an optional on-site training session and unlimited phone/email support as part of our subscription price.
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We also offer a special humanities package that focuses on history and social science. More information on our Humanities Package. These special packages are available for a one-time cost of $500/school.
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